b o o k  1  i n  t h e  g r i t  s a g a


c o m i n g   autumn  2021



the year is 2155


the world is in turmoil after natural resources have depleted, and nuclear war has reduced most countries to ash .

beyond the reach of the embrace , where the academy protects and provides for the citizens of new london,  life has very little value.

the academy stands as the last light of hope for humanity. a private military company that creates enhanced super-soldiers and provides access to clean, renewable energy for the country. the order will stop at nothing to succeed in their peacefare initiative. 


including war.   


sebastian cross is a g.r.i.t - a genosoldier recruit in training. dedicated, strong and loyal, his only wish is to serve the academy that saved his life and be a good soldier. but when he witnesses something that snatches away the veil of blind belief, cross is presented with a dangerous choice: 


continue to serve, or break his oath and become one of the very fugitives he vowed to destroy.